Atelier Ayana - “Daphne” Freshwater Pearl Hoops in 14K Gold-Filled

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Featuring 1.8mm endless hoops and two tones spacers in 14K gold-filled, they’re perfect for bridal wear. But also for everyday wear. And also great for work. They’re chic and affordable. I can keep going on for days! 


Hoop diameter: 18mm

Pearl size: 1 cm

Earring length: 3cm



Clean your earrings with soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Refrain from using chemicals, abrasives or heat. Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners. Do not store them with other items that may scratch. Always put your jewelry on last when getting ready, after putting on lotions and perfumes and take off first when getting undressed.

Gold-filled jewelry is made with a 14K gold outer layer up to 100 times thicker than traditional gold-plating. Not only it is a less costly alternative to solid gold, but it is actually more durable. It is hypo-allergenic, water-resistant and will look shiny and new even with decades of wear. Clean your gold-filled jewelry with mild soap and water, then pat dry.

Freshwater pearls need moisture from your skin and contact with air to preserve their color and nacre. If necessary, gently wipe them with a damp cloth and make sure to completely dry after. Do not store with other items that might scratch them. Do follow the “last on, first off” rule and minimize exposure to perfumes, lotions and sprays.