Atelier Ayana - “Date Night” Gemstone Bracelet with Rose and Strawberry Quartz, Kunzite, Sunstone, Garnet, Agate and Bronzite

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Call it an intention bracelet or a spell: date night was created to manifest the best possible date! Made with a stretchy elastic, it comes in a sterling silver or 14K gold filled finish and employs a number of earth crystals and their energy. 

Here's why each crystal was employed in this design:

Rose Quartz: Symbolizes unconditional love and infinite peace. It inspires inner healing, compassion and self love.

Strawberry Quartz: Like its sister rose quartz, strawberry quartz is also connected with the heart chakra yet is more often associated with joy and happiness. Used to improve relationships with oneself and others.

Kunzite: Aids in establishing emotional balance by removing emotional blockages. Promotes peace and calm, encourages communication and expression of love.

Sunstone: Balances the sacral chakra that experiences life force and sensuality and clears the heart chakra. Brings warmth, vitality and dispels negative energy.

Garnet: Also associated with the sacral chakra, garnet cleanses, stimulates the metabolism and regenerates the body. Enhances sexuality, brings warmth and confidence. 

Agate: Brown agate helps balance your emotions, grounds and calms. It is considered to be a protective stone overall. 

Bronzite: Promotes mental clarity. Wards off negativity, gives the wearer strength and helps dispel surrounding negative energies.  

The gemstone beads used in the Date Night bracelet were cleansed in a selenite bowl prior to making. Made with love in Burlington, ON.



Bracelet length: 18+ cm (stretchy)

Bracelet width: 8mm



Most of the crystals in this design are hard enough to be worn on a daily basis, yet may still crack or break if stricken. Clean your bracelet with soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. 

Refrain from using chemicals, abrasives or heat. Do not clean in ultrasonic cleaners. Always put your jewelry on last when getting ready, after putting on lotions and perfumes and take off first when getting undressed.

Sterling silver naturally oxidizes when exposed to humidity, perspiration, cosmetics and other chemicals. It is best to put your sterling silver jewelry on last and take it off first. Best stored in an airtight container and polished occasionally with the polishing cloth provided to remove the oxidization.


Gold-filled jewelry is made with a 14K gold outer layer up to 100 times thicker than traditional gold-plating. Not only is it a more budget-friendly alternative to solid gold, but it is actually more durable: It is water-resistant and will look shiny and new even with decades of wear.