Atelier Ayana - “Syriac Evil Eye” Bracelets, Adjustable

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These Syriac beads are believed to protect the wearer from evil eye. The two holes on the stone represents two eyes and is an earlier form of the evil eye symbol as we know it today. The bracelet is adjustable and unisex and made be made with a different colored cord upon request. 


Bead diameter: 1.5cmm

Bracelet length: Adjustable.


Clean your jewelry with mild soap and water, then pat dry. Refrain from chemicals, abrasives or heat. Do not store with gemstones and other sharp items that may scratch your jewelry. Always put your jewelry on last when getting ready, after putting on lotions and perfumes and take off first when getting undressed.

Gold-filled jewelry is made with a 14K gold coating up to 100 times thicker than traditional gold-plating. Not only is it a more budget-friendly alternative to solid gold, but it is actually more durable: It is water-resistant and will look shiny and new even with decades of wear.

Sterling silver naturally oxidizes when exposed to humidity, perspiration, cosmetics and other chemicals. Best stored in an airtight container and polished occasionally to remove oxidization with the polishing cloth provided.